3 Ways to Create a Studious Kids Bedroom

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Whether your child enjoys school, or simply sees it as a necessary evil, there are ways that you can utilise their personal space to try to help them to take their studies seriously. This doesn’t mean that you need to overrule your child’s personal style, but instead find ways to mesh the two together. Having the support to strive for academic achievement can also go a long way so, by making some changes to their bedroom, you may also help them to feel more motivated to push for success.

Style of Bed

Your child’s bedroom may not be overly big, so it can be difficult to figure out the best types of furniture to have within their room. One solution to this issue can be to consider the use of a midsleeper bed, such as those found on this website, which will offer storage solutions, either built-in, or having items underneath, and can also come with a desk attached. The midsleeper can be a great idea if you still make your child’s bed for them, as it will allow for easier access than a higher model. Freeing up space in your child’s bedroom can be imperative to helping them study, as excess clutter may lead to distraction and problems concentrating. In addition to this, it could also give the room a more mature feel, which can allow your child to feel more grown-up and, therefore, want to act the part through completing their studies.

Children's Bedroom Ideas


Bedroom Posters

Many children enjoy having posters on their bedroom walls, or even ceiling. Although they may not appreciate you taking down the images of their favourite celebrities or characters, you could instead add to their collection with educational posters. Some ideas for these could include maps, factual posters, times tables, or even the periodic table. For parents who don’t want to risk damage to the walls, you can add these items using tools that won’t damage plaster or paintwork. It can be a good idea to get your child’s opinion on the different kinds of educational posters available so that, at the end of it, they do still have some free choice regarding their bedroom.


Being creative is known to help a child’s brain to develop, but there are also other aspects that parents should not ignore. Art and craft have been shown to help with positive mental health, which is imperative in people of all ages. This can be particularly useful if your child is feeling stressed about school. Giving them space in their room to write, draw, or make things, can help them to feel more at peace. In addition to this, while their studies are important for their future, it is worth keeping in mind that they are still a child, and that they should not be studying all the time. Having frequent amounts of play and socialisation can be just as important.

Helping to motivate your child to partake in their studies, especially from a young age, can help to build up their motivation, and also ingrain good habits in them. Understanding the balance between work and play will also help them to manage their time effectively, from the comfort of their bedroom.

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