10 Resources & Tips For Preparing To Move Home

move home planning

Preparing to move home is a busy time, there’s much to get ready, and so it’s vital to get yourself organized. From decluttering your home, to deep cleaning and finding the right movers, these resources and tips have got you covered.

Apps for preparing to move home

Move Advisor 

Move Advisor is a moving checklist app to help you organize your house move. You can use the app to find the best moving companies near you; and read moving company reviews. You can also access free estimates to budget the cost of your move and design a home inventory checklist. Further features include creating virtual rooms to coordinate the details of your move and estimating the amount of moving boxes you’ll have.

Google Keep

Using the Google Keep application you can make and edit notes, accessing these from any device. As well as notes you can add audio, photos, or lists. It’s simple to organize these notes, using colors or labels. Further features include reminders, such as time-based notifications, to ensure you keep on top of your moving chores. With Google Keep, you can also use filters to search for the notes you need. When you’re moving home, Google Keep is the perfect tool to manage your to-do lists and streamline the organization process.


When you’re moving into a brand new place it’s unlikely that you’ll want to take all your old clutter with you! With the Clutterfree application, you can create a roadmap to help you declutter your home. First up, you can upload your home into the application, and then you’ll get a personalized plan for each room. Using the Clutterfree app you can add photos, documents, and track your progress. The app also includes a few special programs to work through, these include ‘Decluttering Books’, ‘Paper Organization’, and ‘Teaching Kids To Declutter’.


When you’re preparing to move, you’ll need to give your home a good clean. Using the Spotless app, you can ensure that you keep your home nice and tidy. Spotless can help you to manage your household tasks, and create a plan for your cleaning chores. Using the app you can create multiple rooms, and allocate tasks for each. Spotless provides plenty of task suggestions. The app makes it simple to get organized, and get the cleaning done, faster.


When you’re clearing out the clutter, it’s important to dispose of your old items sustainably, whether by donating, recycling, or selling. To make a bit of extra money for your moving budget, considering selling your items using the LetGo app. It’s a huge online marketplace where you can sell just about anything. Categories include homeware, electronics, garden supplies, furniture, clothing, and more. It’s really simple to set up a profile and start selling right away.

home move planning

Tips for preparing to move home

A moving budget

Moving home can be expensive, it can be helpful to budget your moving costs, to stay on top of your finances. You’ll need to budget for removal expenses, house removal insurance, cleaning costs, and storage costs. There may also be costs associated with switching your providers (energy or Internet) and redirecting your mail. Try to get organized as early as possible, this will allow you to shop around for the best deals.

From the moment that you start looking for properties for sale, there are plenty of fees to consider. Whether it’s realtor fees, or furnishing your new place, it’s helpful to budget.

Packing tips

It’s advisable to start packing as early as possible, getting packed up can take longer than you’d think, and you don’t want to run out of time. When you’re packing your items, the following advice may come in handy:

  • Ensure that you label every box (write what’s inside and which room each box should go in).
  • Fold or roll your items (where appropriate) to save space.
  • Label the screws and bolts of dismantled furniture.
  • First pack up the items that you use less frequently.
  • Use sturdy boxes and secure them properly.
  • Some moving companies offer packaging services, to make life easier.

Research removal companies

Start researching removal companies well in advance, to get the best service at the best price. Take a look at reviews, and make a list of questions for any company you are considering. A few questions to ask your removal company are:

  • Ask if the service includes packing.
  • Check if your removal company provides insurance.
  • Ask for an estimate of your removal costs.
  • Find out how long your move is likely to take.
  • Ask about their experience and if you can see any customer reviews.

Self-storage options

It might be that you are required to move out before you can move into your new property? In this case, you’ll need to find a self-storage solution. It could be that your moving company provides one, or they can recommend a good company in your area. When choosing a self-storage company, look for the following features:

  • Video surveillance: Look for a company that provides 24-hour surveillance, to keep your possessions safe and secure.
  • Fenced perimeter and passcode gates: For extra peace of mind, the best self-storage facilities have gates with passcode entry and a fenced perimeter.
  • Climate control Storage facilities with climate control can protect the quality of wood, metal, and paper items.

Prepare your family

If you have kids, you’ll need to properly prepare them for moving home. A house move can be a stressful time for children, so you’ll need to talk it through and answer any questions that they may have. If they are moving schools, support them to say goodbye to their friends, and arrange to keep in touch. It can be helpful to keep as many of their furniture items and homeware belongings as possible. Doing so can help them to settle into a new bedroom. With these tips and tools to hand, you’ll ensure that your moving process is hassle-free.

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