10 Quick Beauty Fixes For Busy Mums


We all want to look our best, but your beauty routine can take a backseat when you’re a busy Mum. If you’ve forgotten what makeup looks like or you’ve left the house with only one false eyelash on more than one occasion, you’ll know just how tricky it can be to prioritise your appearance when you’re looking after kids!

However, there are ways to reinstate your beauty routine, even when you’re busy working and raising a family. If you want to enhance your appearance in record time, take a look at these 10 quick beauty fixes that will enable you to look your best in seconds:

Tame Frizzy Hair

When your hair looks shocking, rather than stunning, you’ll need a quick fix to get it under control. Frizzy hair is often caused by a build-up of static but, fortunately, there is a simple way to tame your locks. If you have a tumble dryer at home, simply grab a dryer sheet and run it through your hair. This will remove the excess static and tame frizzy hair. Even if you don’t have a tumble dryer, it can be well worth having a stash of dryer sheets at home or in your bag for hair emergencies!

Transform Your Smile

When you’ve got young kids, getting to appointments is always difficult. If you want to transform your smile, you’ll be looking at multiple appointments and pricey fees if you rely on your dentist. With https://uk.instasmile.com/, however, you can have custom clip-on veneers produced to your exact requirements. Easy to fit and super-comfortable to wear, you can transform your smile instantly and boost your confidence.

Exfoliate Your Skin

If a long soak in the bath seems like a luxury you’ll never get to enjoy again, you don’t have to give up on your pampering routine altogether. Exfoliating only takes a minute or two and you only need to do once or twice a week, depending on your skin type, so it’s perfect for busy Mums. Use an exfoliating scrub in the shower or grab a body brush and make your skin feel as good as new.

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Use a Primer

You may not get the chance to wear makeup every day since having kids but incorporating a primer into your routine will allow you to enhance your appearance with minimal effort. Choose a product that targets your problem areas, such as excessive redness, dryness or oily skin, and it will help to create a flawless base for you to work with. Use alone or before foundation to make yourself look better than ever.

Look Out for Hyaluronic Acid

There’s nothing more exhausting than being a parent, which means you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your skin. If you feel like you’ve aged 10-years after a hectic day with your kids, you aren’t alone! Products containing hyaluronic acid can be a great way to prevent wrinkles from forming and reduce the signs of ageing, so make it a staple in your makeup bag.


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Make Lipstick Last Longer

You won’t have time to reapply your lipstick numerous times a day when you’re a busy Mum, so it’s vital that it lasts for as long as possible. You can increase the longevity of your pout by adding a little translucent powder over your lipstick. This will help it to set and ensure your lips remain luscious. For best results, hold a tissue over your lips and apply the powder through it. This prevents powder from sticking to your lipstick but doesn’t minimise its effect.

Carry Blotting Sheets

If you’re prone to oily or combination skin, you’ll want to ensure you have blotting sheets with you when you’re out and about. They’re a quick way to remove excess oil before it causes your makeup to slide off your face, so you can save a substantial amount of time by using them! What’s more – they’ll get rid of excess shine, which is essential if you want to capture a special moment on camera.

Try Clear Mascara

Next time you buy mascara, try a clear alternative, rather than standard black. You can use it instead of your usual colour or on top of it, so you won’t miss out. As well as enhancing the impact, clear mascara can be a great way to remove clumps and separate your lashes.

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Use an Eraser on Smudged Eyeliner

If you’ve found the time and energy to apply precision eyeliner, you deserve to make the most of it for the entire day! Of course, it doesn’t take much for the perfect line to become smudged, so you’ll need a go-to solution that can restore your eye makeup in seconds. If you’ve used an eyeliner pencil, you can erase the smudge immediately by gently using a pencil eraser on your skin. Alternatively, use a cotton bud a tiny amount of oil to remove signs of other products, like liquid eyeliner.

Cover Tired Eyes with Colour-Correctors

If you’ve been up all night with a teething baby or waiting for a teenager to return home, you’re probably not going to look as fresh-faced as you’d like. If lack of sleep is causing dark circles under your eyes, getting more rest is probably your best bet. For a more realistic solution, however, try colour correcting concealers to keep you looking semi-alert. Peach bases work well for hiding dark circles on fair skin, while beige and orange bases are ideal for medium and dark skin tones, respectively.

Prioritising Your Beauty Routine

When you’re a busy Mum, maintaining your beauty routine is never going to be your top priority. However, making it an important part of your day can do more than simply enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. It can form an essential element of your self-care, which is critical when you spend the majority of your time caring for other people. Even spending a few minutes a day moisturising your skin, taming your hair or applying makeup can transform your outlook and give you the confidence you need to handle another day as a busy Mum.


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