Sunday Funny

Sunday Funny!

Baby Sleeping Positions

On my daily trawl through Pinterest I came across this, having experienced 90% of these I can now chuckle and thank my prayers that Isabelle now sleeps in her own cot……in her own room.

This week the linky for #SunFun (Sunday Funny) is being hosted by Mammasaurus so you can hop over there to join in.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Funny

  1. We’ve all experienced those!! Like you, I’m glad that my little one is in his own cot in his own room.. he’s never got on with coming in with us, let alone us getting on with him being in there!

  2. Particularly love the neck scarf – very funny! Who knew you could find funny stuff on Pinterest!

  3. oh 🙂 i am lucky enough to have a daughter that sleeps in her cot. occasionally when she is sick she will snick in our bed and then we are so exhausted 🙁

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