Meet the Super Fruits!

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A team of superheroes like no other have been fighting the battle for healthy snacks and meals in our home. Meet the Healthy Avengers – the team of Super Fruits

TeamHealthyAvengers thumb Meet the Super Fruits!

We were inspired to create our superhero team by Plum Baby Mighty Moments competition through Tots100 where they are challenging bloggers to come up with a healthy superhero.

Isabelle loves her fruits, pulses and most vegetables, they make up most of her diet and provide her with a healthy balanced diet. She understands that we would rather her have healthy snacks and meals over junk food options and that is why we have an open fridge policy in our home. Isabelle has access to a fridge packed full of fresh vegetables and a fruit bowl which is available to her whenever she fancies a snack. She also loves her dried fruit and we always make sure that we have a varied selection to help satisfy her sweet tooth. She enjoys making herself a little pick and mix of dried fruits, nuts and berries for the day.

At school she has been learning all about the importance of healthy foods and she’s also very much a fan of superheroes so fusing the two together was something exciting and fun for her to do. We sat down this afternoon to talk about her favourite fruits and why she likes them, this then gave us the idea for our entry into the Plum Baby Mighty Moments competition. With my handy helper we set about making our own team from some of her favourite fruits, all complete with superhero capes and special abilities, I may have gone a little overboard making them their own little badges to but I am nothing if not thorough. We also had lots of fun creating and sticking the back ground for Super Fruits to pose in front of for their world wide debut.

CaptainGreenApple thumb Meet the Super Fruits! Our Team of Fruits include
  • Captain Green Apple: He has the ability to plant new seeds to grow lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Super Orange: She provides the vitamin C which helps to fight off colds and germs.
  • Sassy Strawberry Duo: They make the best smoothies to fill little bellies
  • Side Kick Cherries: These little guys are super clever
  • Big Red the Apple: Is super fast and strong

This is our entry into the Tots100/Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge. You can find our more about the challenge here.

I’m putting on my running shoes – The Color Run

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In just 44 days I’m attempting something that I have never done before, a 5K run for charity in The Color Run. This might not seem a lot to some but for me with no running experience and overweight it’s a HUGE deal. My running style is terrible, if you imagine a Sea Lion running on an uphill trampoline then you get the general picture of my technique…it’s not pretty. I’m not doing this by myself, my partner in crime, the lovely Ashley from Coffee and Cakes and a bunch of other jolly good bloggers are joining me on the colourful 5K run.

the color run logoRoll thumb I’m putting on my running shoes – The Color Run

I have 44 days in which to complete the Couch 2 5K program in order to prepare me for the challenge ahead. In those days I would like to raise as much money as possible for Save the Children, I’m going to ask all of you lovely lot to donate if you can, I would be ever so grateful.

1794514 10152343057506605 7144531875816371987 n thumb I’m putting on my running shoes – The Color Run

You can check out my fundraising page here

Spring Cleaning Tips

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Every year I try to make a conscious effort to de-clutter, we end up over run with toys, games and other items we have accumulated over the year. A good clear out is refreshing and having a really good spring clean really can make a huge difference. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to get you started

springcleaning thumb Spring Cleaning Tips Get rid of unwanted and unused items

We have a general rule in our house, if we can’t remember the last time we used or needed an item then it goes.

Donate clothes and other useable items charity shops and the clothes that aren’t suitable can be sent to recycling centres

Any any broken or unusable items then we arrange a trip to the local tip where they can be recycled.

You can sell items on auction sites like eBay or even your local selling sites. Most of the time you don’t even have to lift a finger. Arranging for items to be collected or even Contact DPD to arrange a delivery service.

upcycle thumb Spring Cleaning Tips Upcycling for those items that could serve another purpose, give that old table a lick of paint and a new lease of life. I’ve been eyeing up a bureau that would look amazing with a little bit of tlc and a fresh coat of paint in antique blue, it would be the perfect addition to my dining room or kitchen.

Make little changes

You can often make little cost effective changes like adding throw pillows, vases and decorative pieces. Little changes like this can make a huge impact and make the room look completely different with different moods without making a huge dent in your pocket. You can even switch out items seasonally for an easy makeover.

A lick of paint

If you are wanting to go the extra step, a fresh coat of paint can brighten and lift any room

Clean your carpets

It’s amazing what a difference cleaning your carpets can make, with a years worth of traffic, dirt and stains can become trapped in carpets which even the strongest of vacuums can’t remove. It needn’t be expensive, you can hire a carpet cleaner for the day so no need to purchase one.

Organisation Something as simple as reorganising your cupboards, draws and shelves will make your days easier. Having items easy to reach and knowing exactly where they are makes life a hell of a lot easier. This year we have invested in a lot of storage boxes, dividers and compartments to help organise our closets and make them more functional.

Feeling thrifty?

naturalcleaning thumb Spring Cleaning Tips

You can make your own cleaning products from every day ingredients, like lemon juice, baking soda, salt, essential oils and vinegar.

Refresh those fabrics

Using natural whiteners like lemons can help brighten fabrics, my curtains and linens look amazing after a good soak.


They best way to do it is stay organised and go one room at a time, use a checklist if you have to.


Keeping your Pets Happy and Healthy in Hot Weather

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With a ‘three month heat wave’ set to hit Britain from April-June, it’s time we got prepared in terms of keeping our pets healthy and safe in these upcoming months. Being exposed to extreme weather conditions, including hot temperatures can result in life threatening conditions for our beloved pets that can be avoided almost 100% of the time.

That being said, with a few handy tricks up your sleeve and a bit of careful consideration, there should be no reason as to why your pets can’t enjoy those lovely summer days just as much as we do. We’ve listed a few things you can do to keep them happy during the season.

shutterstock 110764904 thumb Keeping your Pets Happy and Healthy in Hot Weather

Making time together as a couple

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It’s often been said on this very blog that the Mr and I don’t really get to spend time together as just a couple anymore, we’re not blaming little legs and love spending time together as a family but every now and again it’s be nice just to have that time together without worrying about nap schedules, toilet schedules and entertaining an excitable preschooler. I can’t remember the last time we had a planned day out without the child, it’s been years.

The Mr is my best friend and sometimes in family life you tend to sacrifice time together.This year we’re planning on making a change and spending some quality time together as a couple, just like we did before little legs came along. I’m putting my plan into action and  weekends away are high on our priority list with the aim of at least two getaways before the year is out.

LondonUnderground thumb Making time together as a couple

First on my list is a trip to London, I’m always drawn to the hustle and bustle of the capital, it’s night life, food and atmosphere are selling points for me and I’m sure the Mr would enjoy a trip to London that isn’t a work trip. We could dine out in the evenings, go sight seeing during the day, take in the museums and galleries and visit the tourist attractions. I’d like to take a trip along the Thames and maybe a spot of shopping or even visit the Food Lovers Market Soho to share our foodie passion. 

Little Face of Venture

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The Little Face of Venture is taking place again this year with Venture Photography offering a child the chance to be the Little Face of Venture and the opportunity to work with top modelling agency MOT Models. The lucky winner will also receive a year’s supply of fabulous shoes from Start-rite, if your child is anything like mine, they go through shoes at a rapid rate. It doesn’t stop there, this years winner will also be the proud owner of an amazing prize from Lego (this is the part I am most excited about, who doesn’t love Lego?) and the parents get the winning picture of their little cherub in a beautiful handmade frame from Venture Photography to hang pride of place in their homes.


littlefaceofventure thumb Little Face of Venture

2012 winner little Rowan signed with MOT Models and has worked with big brands including Argos and children’s clothing brand Original Marines.   wellchild thumb Little Face of VentureIt’s not all about the votes though, for every child child who takes part, a £1 donation will be made to WellChild, the national charity for sick children. Helping serious ill children and their families across the UK.  

For details on how to enter, visit the Little Face of Venture.


3 essential vitamins and nutrients to be a healthy mum: (and where to get them)

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While many of us may not have given a second thought to filling up on fast food once upon a time, when you’re eating for two you’ll look at food in a different way. The culinary world can be confusing when you’re expecting, but luckily there is plenty of advice available. Here are some of the essential nutrients that should make it into your diet.

Folic acid

This B vitamin can help to prevent your baby from developing certain defects such as spina bifida, which can lead to partial paralysis; limb defects; and cleft palate. But as well as helping your baby to develop healthily, folic acid will help to boost your own healthy red blood cells, and help to avoid a certain type of anaemia.

folic acid foods iStock 000011557346Small615x409 thumb 3 essential vitamins and nutrients to be a healthy mum: (and where to get them)

Sponsored Video: Samsung Dream the Blues

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Every child has big dreams, it can be anything from future aspiring careers to meeting their idols. At that age the world is their oyster and anything is possible. For me the one thing that I wanted most was to be a member of the Planeteers, you know of the TV show Captain Planet. My dreams and ambitions changed as I grew but being a Planeteer is the first thing that I can really remember truly wanting, I even fashioned my own Planeteer ring out of tin foil. Being the realistic adult that I am now, that dream would never really have happened as it was a cartoon but nobody ever discouraged me and I am glad that they didn’t. For a child it’s important to have dreams and goals, I even go along with Isabelle’s current career choices of superhero or pirate, although I do hope she doesn’t follow through with any of them but let’s be honest, she’s 3 and last week she wanted to be a cowboy.

Why don’t we move in together?

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The Mr and I became a couple when I was still a young and spritely student, living in a house share with a couple of friends. Eight months into the relationship  we realised that he was practically living with me anyway, so we took the step and moved in together and it turned out to be the easiest decision we ever made.

couple thumb Why don’t we move in together?

Weekly snippets

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balancebike thumb Weekly snippets

Isabelle has discovered her singing voice, it’s loud, its repetitive and it makes me giggle. My goal this week is to capture her musical renditions to share with you lovely lot. 

She has also discovered her flair for interpretive dance and Jazz hands, particularly in supermarket checkout queues.

This week has seen the the ground breaking discovery of the number twelveteen, it also happens to be her new favourite number.

We discovered this week that Isabelle is exceptionally fast on a bike with pedals and stabilisers, the staff at Decathlon were also witness to the record speeds. Perhaps we’ll stick with the balance bike for a little while longer

Safety measures must be met during bath times, swimming goggles are a requirement. Must improve method of cleaning hair whilst wearing goggles.

Last week saw the unwelcome strike of mystery virus causing Isabelle to miss a few days of preschool, everything is back to normal now so we can leave the house before cabin fever set in.

Finally, Isabelle’s current career ambitions are that of the late Evel Knievel, I’m hoping she grows out of it but she informs me that she needs a cape anyway. If she starts to construct ramps out of duplo then I’m in trouble.

swing thumb Weekly snippets




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